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Become a Metalsmith - 8 week one-on-one learning course

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Want to learn how to cut, form, shape, drill and surface treat metal?  This is the course for you.  Spanning over 8 weeks, you will attend eight one-on-one in person lessons in Waterbury, VT with Kate Montross, metalsmith and jeweler of 15 years at her manufacturing studio.  

These lessons are in person or zoom (your choice), and one-on-one for 1 total hour of instruction, followed by 1 1/2 hours of optional bench time uninstructed to practice.  Bench time is optional.  You are not required to stay for option bench time after your 1 hour lesson ends.

You will have 8 weeks of lessons, one hour per week, reserved and held at the same time slot every week.  You will select an open time slot at the time of sign-up that works for you.  Selected times will disappear as they are booked.  Lessons will not be held on holidays and specific lesson days for each time slot are specified for you, so check your calendar for any conflicts with the specified dates before you sign up.

In person lessons are recommended but should restrictions due to covid-19 arise, or should you prefer to stay at home, all of the lessons can be offered in your same weekly timeslot, one-on-one, live via zoom.

Materials and tools to learn, follow, and practice the lessons are included in the course cost.

If you have already booked the course and reserved your time slot, cancellation can be made 24 hours in advance of the first lesson. No refunds can be made after the course begins, since there is flexible learning options available and the course can be taken in person, and at home.

Please do not sign up for this course unless you are comfortable with either one-on-one in person, or at home one-on-one learning and instruction held at the same time and day every week for 8 weeks.  

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